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2018-08-30 04:03 pm

Friends Only

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2013-11-25 10:13 pm

Card Time!

I love sending cards and random, stalkery things. Don't judge me!

Want some of this gold? Put your mailing address here. Comments are screened so don't worry about those other, lesser stalker sorts.
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2012-05-07 09:22 pm
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Title: None
Author: [personal profile] lionphox
Canon: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Rating: G?
Summary: This is just a snippet of something that came to me while I showered. I'm never going to finish or even start this story, but I had to write this bit out.

The Ninth Doctor shares the truth behind Ianto's mother's death.

[T]hey led me to a tiny Welsh hospital called Providence Park. There I met a woman with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. She helped me save the world and in return I took her to see the stars. )