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Title: None
Author: [personal profile] lionphox
Canon: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Rating: G?
Summary: This is just a snippet of something that came to me while I showered. I'm never going to finish or even start this story, but I had to write this bit out.

The Ninth Doctor shares the truth behind Ianto's mother's death.

"One summer I was chasing a band of...a band of," the Doctor shrugged and offered a sad smile. "I don't really recall who it was, but I do remember that they led me to a tiny Welsh hospital called Providence Park. There I met a woman with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. She helped me save the world and in return I took her to see the stars."

They could barely breath as the Doctor told his sad story. Sad because something inside each and every one of them told them how this tale would end. No one can travel with the Doctor forever no matter how fast they run alongside him.

"She never spoke much; something inside was broken. I had hoped that seeing the wonders of this universe could help her heal but...

"Only once did she ever ask for anything. I should have known really, but I was still hurting so much. August 3rd, 1989. It was only a week after I had brought her along." Again he paused as though he didn't really want to be here telling this story, but he knew he had to finish. Ianto deserved the truth.

The Doctor released a heavy sigh and it seemed the weight of the universe fell onto his shoulders.

No. The life of yet another Companion. To Ianto it may as well have been the universe.

"We landed in a garden right next to an over grown shrub. Everything was overgrown and for a moment I thought the TARDIS had landed us at the wrong place as it all seemed so abandoned. When she tipped over a pot with a dead plant and then entered the house with the key she found I realized where we were: her home. Strange really. In all the time she traveled with me she never talked about home. Well, maybe not so strange. The universe is so big and fascinating and our adventures were so tremendous when would we have time for a cuppa and a chat about by-gone days?"

Ianto's fists clenched in his lap to hear the Doctor put his life off like that. Her past -- their past -- all of it was anything but forgetful. Ianto remembered every moment, every smell, every smile they had shared. Everything had been so perfect before the Doctor. Jack's hand, warm on his arm, gave him a squeezed and he released his fists. If a half remembered tale was all the Doctor could give him then he sure as hell would listen.

Clearing his throat the Doctor continued realizing how very close he was to being punched right in his nose and if the look Jack was shooting him was anything to go by a punch to the nose would be the least of his worries.

"I picked around a bit. Human homes are so quaint and so telling. Outside was forgotten but inside there was still life. Like night and day." He tried to offer a smile, but was met by cold eyes so he kept on talking. "We were only there a short time. Just long enough for her to peek in a room or two before she entered yours. We watched you sleep before turning around and walking back outside. I knew then who you were and I tried to ask if she wanted more time or even if she wanted to stay, but she was already inside the TARDIS. I really should have known a goodbye kiss, but there was no room for another person's grief so off we went."

"She was magnificent you know. Saved the universe over and over. They all are really; I choose my Companions carefully."

"Not careful enough." Ianto's voice was tight and full of both anger and sorrow. "I watched you steal her away that night. It was the door closing that woke me up. I watched her walk into your stupid blue box with you and saw it vanish. I thought it was a dream because I knew she was at the hospital again and that in the morning we would go visit her for my birthday. Tad hadn't yet told me she was missing. The next morning I woke up and dressed in my school uniform, the best clothes I had, and waited for Tad and Rhi to wake. He told me that morning she was gone." By now tears flowed freely down his cheeks but he kept talking wanting, no needing the Doctor to know what he had done. "I ran outside and stood right where the TARDIS had landed. No matter what I said, how much I cried, Tad refused to believe that the impression in the grass was a magical box that had stolen Mum."

"You did that. You stole my mum with no care as to what she was leaving behind." Jack squeezed Ianto's arm harder, but Ianto shrugged him off and stood up. "Do you think everything is forgiven now? All those years I spent looking out my window waiting for you to bring her back are now forgotten because you've finally manned up enough to tell me my mum died with my name on her lips? You STOLE her from me. You took a sick woman away from her son and let her die only to replace her when you became lonely enough. If you think I will ever forgive you then you are wrong, Doctor."

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